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I’m an unusual geek.  Oh, there’s nothing weird about my geekiness, but I’m still unusual.  I’ve got more robots than pets.  Am single, with 2 kids.  And do more on OpenVMS than any other OS.

It’s not that I don’t use other OS’s -- I love my Macs, have several PCs, and even run Linux on my Mac and my handheld.  But OpenVMS pays the bills, is my hobby, and runs my house.  Funny thing is, most people I meet (other than a few other geeks) have never heard of it.  No big surprise there.

Other than that, I love shooting photos, capturing and editing hi-def video, taking vacations (just did a very cool road trip -- check out the photos on the left), and hanging out with my friends.

My favorite songs

  1. 1.Just Breathe

  2. 2.Times Like These

  3. 3.Razor

  4. 4.Vocea

My favorite links

Who?  Or is that what?