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Aaroblog - Life and times of a misplaced Yankee

Hi, welcome, & thanks for stopping by. This is my personal blog, and I'll let you know up front that I don't write to please anyone; I write for me. You're welcome to poke around, but please don't hack on my stuff.

I'm Aaron Sakovich (aka Alphaman), an engineer/sysadmin kind of guy, and have been in the computer industry since 1980. I love this modern virtual world, and it allows me the time and freedom to enjoy my life in meatspace, too. I've a couple kids, a few robots, and more than enough computers to keep me company at home, which also happens to be where I work. You can read more about my life in the several hundred posts here.

Where's Aaron?

Another beautiful day at work. Of course this isn't the view from my office.
Thursday, 8 Sep, 09.15am

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